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Black’s “Slip” at Meeting is Slap Across the Face of Millions — Every Student in NYC Public Schools and Their Parents Updated

🕔08:44, 20.Jan 2011

For the Sake of the Children, Cathie Black Must Go The latest Freudian juxtapositions of school’s Chancellor Cathie Black — on the even of Martin Luther King Jr. anniversary celebrations –were “more fuel for the fire” in the growing effort

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Teachers, parents and students increasingly oppose mayoral control Updated

🕔11:57, 9.Dec 2010

When he was elected in 2001, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg promised a new era of accountability and student achievement. Through direct mayoral control, Bloomberg sought to implement the core principals of the Federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB)

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At Witt’s End Updated

🕔11:13, 9.Dec 2010

New York City WikiLeaks I’d like to see… If  Julian Assange ever gets out of jail, I would be the first journalist to invite him to work some magic on the Big Apple. Assange is the founder of WikiLeaks, which

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Parents and Teachers Express Outrage at Mayor’s Choice of Chancellor Updated

🕔13:39, 2.Dec 2010

Former Hearst Executive Cathie Black, Mayor Bloomberg’s selection as chancellor to run the 1.1 million children New York City school system, has begun her tenure despite the outrage expressed by parents and educators of the process and her lack of

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“Cathie Black Must Go!” Lawsuit and Protests Begin Updated

🕔12:19, 2.Dec 2010

by Amadi Ajamu The fight against Mayor Bloomberg and Chancellor-designee Cathie Black  will be waged in the streets and in the courts. Freedom Party leaders laid out their “plan of action” at Sistas’ Place Coffee House in Brooklyn on Monday

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Who will Rescue the Children?

🕔11:12, 30.Nov 2010

How many times must we be inundated with the actions of political power brokers who we, the people – the majority – elect to office and then retreat into silence or the trivial preoccupation of competing with and degrading those

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At Witt’s End: Two Moguls Talk Turkey About Diversity and Education Updated

🕔11:05, 30.Nov 2010

By Stephen Witt Mike Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch would make great street hustlers.   Especially with the three-card monte game these two media moguls are playing with the Department of Education’s chancellor job. The old “watch the green pea” trick comes

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John Liu takes aim at Bloomberg’s DOE Contracts

🕔10:54, 30.Nov 2010

By Andrew J. Hawkins Much like his predecessor, Comptroller John Liu has focused on contracts with the city’s school system as a way to check Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s wide-ranging power. The war began in early October, with news reports that

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Panel Denies Waiver for Bloomberg Chancellor Appointee Updated

🕔09:18, 30.Nov 2010

The eight-member panel appointed by State Education Commissioner David Steiner voted against recommending a waiver for Cathie Black, Mayor Bloomberg’s preferred replacement for Chancellor Joel Klein. Four voted against the waiver, two voted in favor, and two voted “not at

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