Blacks Still Carving Out Back Doors

By admin April 18, 2014 09:47

By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.


The advertisement said that President Barack Obama would be the keynote speaker for the annual convention of the National Action Network. His proposed speech on April 11, 2014 would be aired on Sirius Satellite Radio.  Stated differently, it would be aired nationwide provided that you could secure a subscription.


Apparently, Rev. Al Sharpton employed Bob Slade of “Open Line” to substitute for him while he played “blocker” for President Barack Obama.  This employment was for only three hours.  By the end of the three hours, Slade had started to sound like a broken record.  The habits of Dr. Leonard Jeffries, on the other hand, had started to rub off on President Obama.  Dr. Jeffries always has a well-founded excuse, however.  What is Mr. Obama’s excuse?


The nationwide audience of subscribers was about to be disappointed.  The satellite radio station would continue with regular programming instead of public affairs programming. It did not miss a beat.  President Obama’s keynote speech at NAN’s annual convention was no “big deal”.  It was a chitterling circuit operation anyway. Black people would have to suck it up one more time.


I switched broadcast venues and, acting on a hunch, went channel-surfing.  Mr. Obama decided to deliver his speech on a local cable television station.  Public affairs programming is usually not available in New York to the Black community.  NY One is an exception.  I have been waging this struggle for public affairs programming alone, and at my sole expense, for several years.  Compare “Here and Now” to “UpClose” on WABC-TV.


Usually, a keynote speaker may “crack” one or two jokes at the beginning of a speech but President Obama never stopped “cracking” jokes.  Within twenty-five minutes, he remembered his purpose for coming to New York City.  He and the “First Lady” had a “dinner date” and tickets to see “A Raisin in the Sun”.


After the keynote speech, there should have been a follow-up with a “Meet the Press” format.  Leading thinkers and journalists should have been members of the panel to dissect and analyze Mr. Obama’s speech.  The audience should have already been given materials on the legal history of Blacks voting in the United States.  None of this happened.


The Civil Rights Movement consisted of myriad, unknown soldiers except Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman, according to Mr. Obama.  Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. and Fannie Lou Hamer did not even get honorable mention.  No one would have ever known that Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. had been assassinated on April 4, 1968 in Memphis, TN.  This assassination is now in the “cold case” file.


In the United States, Blacks are not allowed to enjoy legal concepts.  We are burdened down, instead, with legal rules.  The relevant legal concept herein, is the right to a “free press”.  The legal rule for Blacks is “censorship”. Mr. Obama’s scheduled speech on April 11, 2014 in New York City is an example of censorship.


In June 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court gutted the “enabling legislation” for the Fifteenth Amendment.  For our ancestors’ effort in saving the Union, they were given a constitutional amendment without a trigger.  The United States made us wait ninety-five years for a “trigger”.  Now Blacks enjoy a “ballot” without a “bullet”.  So far, we are back to “Jim Crow”.


It is becoming very costly to address and substitute for the absence of a “free press” in the Black community.  A “free press” includes the right to “speak truth to power”.  The Black press is, unfortunately, kowtowing to President Obama, a “Black face in a high place”.  This is hazardous to our health.  “Only the truth shall set us free.”


Under states’ rights, I no longer enjoy the unrestricted right to travel.  See Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s edict.  This is a cover for discrimination and political intolerance. To be in two places at virtually the same time, I had to purchase an airline ticket of more than eight hundred dollars to be with UAM and the Freedom Party, in addition to Ralph King and Glenda Brawley-King in Virginia and in D.C.


The cab ride to the NRA Museum in Virginia is expected to cost over sixty-five dollars.  The enjoyment of reading this article is an example of the sacrifice for exercise of the right of a “free press”.  “Freedom is not free.”  “The cost of freedom is eternal vigilance.”  These are the words of President Thomas Jefferson.  There are additional printing costs.


This plight will continue as long as Blacks embrace “Judas goats”. The filing of a bill of particulars would, of necessity, be an exercise in futility.  I lost a law license in 1990 but the Black community also lost the right to enjoy pro bono, legal representation.  We are now back to square one.  “Hear nothing, see nothing and say nothing.”


The lack of any genuine support in my own community has made me suffer a “civil death” and it sends an ominous message to anyone who seeks to stand up and defend his or her own people.  “Descendants of enslaved Africans are not worth defending.”   This message will have a chilling effect on future freedom fighters. President Obama is not going to stand up for a people who will not stand up for themselves.  Instead, he will join the “King Rat”.


Mr. Obama was in New York City to recruit informants for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  Rev. Sharpton is “Exhibit 1″.  Great benefits exist for anyone who is willing to deliver anyone’s head to the prison industrial complex.  The Thirteenth Amendment is being honored in the breach.  We have already lost the Thirteenth Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment is on a “slippery slope”.  Nothing is funny.  The last thing Blacks need is a comedian.


By admin April 18, 2014 09:47
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