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Parents Notebook

Re-creating the Village

Re-creating the Village

🕔12:34, 12.Apr 2014

Reading and listening to news media citing the murders of youth on our streets, witnessing the homeless and hungry, the ever-rising numbers of youth who are school dropouts and prisoners doesn’t seem to initiate community. The plight of our youth

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Re-creating  Community For Our Children

Re-creating Community For Our Children

🕔19:16, 2.Apr 2014

By: Aminisha Black “My elders are convinced that the West is as endangered as the indigenous cultures it has decimated in the name of colonialism. There is no doubt that, at this time in history, Western civilization is suffering from

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Children Continue to be the Future

Children Continue to be the Future

🕔19:30, 29.Mar 2014

The Uhuru Sasa Book Tour featuring authors who attended Uhuru Sasa Shule (Freedom Now School), then located at 10 Claver Place, begins Saturday, April 5th, 5-8 pm at For My Sweet, 1103 Fulton Street @Claver Place and includes the following

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A Women’s History Month Assignment

A Women’s History Month Assignment Updated

🕔11:25, 23.Mar 2014

According to the most recent Children’s Defense Fund’s Each Day in America for Black Children 1,153 babies are born to unmarried mothers. Unfortunately, in communities of color the level of tension and anxiety is normally high so no one thinks

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Mother and Daughter Partnership – A Model for Possibility

Mother and Daughter Partnership – A Model for Possibility Updated

🕔15:33, 12.Mar 2014

This year’s Black History Month and Women’s History Month triggered an idea designed to share examples of the potential power stemming from parent- child relationships; and during March, focusing on mothers and their practices with their daughters designed to grow

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Honor Women’s History Month; Create a Powerful One Updated

🕔10:05, 7.Mar 2014

During Women’s History Month, like Black History Month, scores of history-makers are revealed that aren’t acknowledged in textbooks or mainstream media.    It’s a time to get a crash course on contributions made by many African-Americans.   The thought gave birth to

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Unleashing the Power of Parents Updated

🕔12:53, 27.Feb 2014

How often, if ever, are parents recognized as the major contributors to our neighborhoods, towns, cities and states?  How often, if ever, do parents and grandparents of African descent think that they are literally molding the future?     African-Americans have survived

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In Memory of Travon Martin, Jordan Davis and All Youth Lost to Violence Updated

🕔12:54, 21.Feb 2014

African-American youth comprise the largest numbers in youth-related stop-and-frisks, arrests, suspension from public schools and victims of gun violence.    Since the future of African-Americans depends on today’s youth, it led me to create the phrase “The transformation of a Nation

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ABC’s for Parents, Teachers, Caretakers and Community Updated

🕔11:09, 14.Feb 2014

Being a grandmother of 12, my primary focus these days is what future generations are inheriting and what preparation they need to not only survive but thrive. During earlier years, I saw the major problem in the plight of African-Americans

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For Our Children’s (and God’s) Sake….Can We Make Children our Priority?

For Our Children’s (and God’s) Sake….Can We Make Children our Priority? Updated

🕔12:06, 9.Jan 2014

“If we are ever to have real peace in the world, we shall have to begin with the children.” Mohandas K. Gandhi This week’s news has been flooded with bringing to surface the incredibly negative conditions facing parents and caretakers of

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