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Vote for the Future Democratic Primary Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Vote for what matters, Vote for who cares!

Vote for the Future Democratic Primary Tuesday, September 10, 2013 Vote for what matters, Vote for who cares!

🕔12:47, 5.Sep 2013

Your vote celebrates the lives of pioneers and strivers who came before us, who loved and empowered us, and filled our world with vision, wisdom and joy. …Godmother of Central Brooklyn Jazz; grand lady of community activism; tireless warrior for

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🕔12:38, 5.Sep 2013

By David Mark Greaves The people who are pushing through the voter suppression laws, folks like the American Legislative Exchange Council, would gain a great sense of satisfaction at how African-Americans in Central Brooklyn self-suppress their own vote, as if

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Center for Law and Social Justice: Protect Your Vote!

🕔12:32, 5.Sep 2013

By Mary Alice Miller In anticipation of the first New York election cycle since the U.S. Supreme Court last spring invalidated parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, Dr. Esmeralda Simmons said, “Our voting rights have been extremely curtailed already. 

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Kings County Politics

🕔12:30, 5.Sep 2013

By Stephen Witt   Local elections bring good temp jobs   A recent glance at the Craigslist help wanted ads (under government jobs) revealed that there’s plenty of high-paying temporary work being a canvasser for a local candidate.  The top

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Bed-Stuy voters to decide new political leadership in community

🕔12:28, 5.Sep 2013

Candidates spar in final debate before polls open By Stephen Witt As Bedford-Stuyvesant voters readied to elect their new City Councilman next week, three of the four major candidates sparred off in a final debate at the Billie Holiday Theater

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Virginia Judge Dismisses Pagones’ Garnishment of Tawana Brawley’s Wages

🕔15:21, 29.Aug 2013

By Mary Alice Miller With little fanfare, on July 23, 2013 a Surry County, Virginia court judge dismissed former Dutchess County assistant district attorney Steven Pagones’ “bogus” garnishment of Tawana Brawley’s wages. Since Feb. 8, 2013 more than $300 had

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Wellsprings of Faith  Back to {Sunday} School …

Wellsprings of Faith Back to {Sunday} School …

🕔15:19, 29.Aug 2013

By Bernice Green Small churches are bringing Sunday School back in full force.  And it’s not necessarily strict religious instruction youngsters are getting. According to a deacon at the Christian Community Baptist Church, 80 Van Buren St., shepherded by interim

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BK Teens Get Guns with Ease

🕔14:12, 22.Aug 2013

By Aissatou Diallo Keilon LaBarrie, 18, watches his back every time he leaves his Flatbush home. He knows so many teens with guns that he feels unsafe in his neighborhood. Even though experts at the Centers for Disease Control credit

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Race to Succeed Al Vann Gets Ugly

🕔14:11, 22.Aug 2013

Mailing by controversial well-moneyed organization attacks three candidates By Stephen Witt The race to succeed term-limited Al Vann from the 36th District of the City Council took a nasty turn this week when a glossy pro-Kirsten John Foy mailer was

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City Councilwoman Mealy’s leadership questioned

🕔14:09, 22.Aug 2013

Opponents present new ideas for 41st District covering East Flatbush, Ocean Hill-Brownsville and parts of Bed-Stuy By Stephen Witt While incumbent 41st District City Councilwoman Darlene Mealy appears to be running for re-election in a low gear, her two opponents

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