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May Events

🕔13:55, 16.May 2014

Highlights: May 17 – 60th Anniversary of the Brown vs. Board of Education May 19 –Malcolm X 89th Birthday May 26 – Miles Davis Birthday Anniversary May 31 –Michael Dyson at Medgar Evers College Commencement     Friday, May 16

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Dance Africa 2014 Pre-Opening

Dance Africa 2014 Pre-Opening Updated

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The African Burial Ground represents a  unique opportunity  and responsibility for all of us   to tell Our Story to the world…

The African Burial Ground represents a unique opportunity and responsibility for all of us  to tell Our Story to the world… Updated

🕔09:38, 23.Feb 2014

… and to specifically honor the memories of the ancestral Africans who have passed. It’s a story and history of both extreme sacrifice and profound contributions that Africans have made to the creation of the United States of America. The African Burial Ground Memorial serves not only as a memorial to educate the descendant community but also to educate the world community at large. No longer should one be able to walk past this site or through lower Manhattan and not know, understand, acknowledge and respect the important contributions ancestral Africans have made to this district and the nation. Our generation has been entrusted with this awesome responsibility. We are honored and we embrace it in honor of the memory of those ancestral Africans who are buried here so that their sacrifices were not in vain. We embrace it so that all of us today will begin a new phase in the process of educating ourselves and the world about the importance of this site and everything it represents. We embrace it for our children and all future generations so that they may come to know, understand, acknowledge, respect and be proud of their history. ­ Rodney Leon, Designer, African Burial Ground Permanent Memorial

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Harry Belafonte Speaks Out to Keep Interfaith Center Stage

Harry Belafonte Speaks Out to Keep Interfaith Center Stage Updated

🕔09:33, 23.Feb 2014

Dramatic Turns in the Community: Harry Belafonte Speaks Out to Keep Interfaith Center Stage “Health Care is a Right, Not an Opportunity” The continuing fight to keep Interfaith Medical Center alive and running received reinforcement… and new armor … when

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